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I met Riley a few years ago and over that time I have seen him grow into a fantastic speaker. This man has experience, education but also the humility to be able to work with anyone. He will be a pleasure to team up with if you book him to speak at your event

Mike Gordon, Speaker -

I have really appreciated Riley’s approach to speaking. It’s clear that he has prepared well, and when he teaches he speaks with both clarity and passion. He brings the audience into the journey with him. Thank you Riley!

Jeff Renaud, NLCC Campus Pastor

Riley gave an honest, insightful, relatable and challenging message during our Middle School Chapel. A true teacher at heart.

Rick Bath, Pacific Academy Middle School Principal

When Riley speaks, he exudes genuine passion and completely captivates his audience. He is talented in both delivery and content! A rare combination!

Jody Wandzura, PACE Camp Director

Riley is a very gifted speaker; he is engaging, fun and creative.  We had the privilege of having Riley speak at our summer camp for kids ages 5-11yrs, and the kids looked forward to Riley coming to speak each day!  If you are looking for a speaker who can engage a wide age range of kids, keep them entertained and at the same time communicate content in a thorough and memorable way, Riley is your guy!

Suzie Warneke, MOVE Camp Director

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