Are you Agnostic? or just Apathetic?

Oct 28, 2018

Hi, my name is Riley and I am acquainted with many who call themselves an agnostic.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

If you’re unaware, the term “agnostic” comes from the idea of not knowing whether or not there is a god in our universe. Some agnostics are atheists, who contend confidence that there is no god, but allow for some unknown or uncertainty. In addition, some agnostics are theists, who believe a god exists, but discredit most religious doctrine as being true or relevant.

Traditionally, agnostics have come to their conclusion after a period of searching and studying their beliefs and the beliefs of others. Based on the evidence they find, they can conclude they are an agnostic.

What I’ve just defined is not the agnostics I’m in contact with.

The agnostics I end up chatting with, aren’t actually agnostics. They’re something different entirely.

My agnostic friends clash with this definition of agnosticism, because they actually haven’t put much thought or study into the idea of god at all. Without any study or thought, they have concluded they’re agnostic, therefore missing the point.

This lethargy towards the existence of god actually has a term. It’s called apatheism (literally the word apathy).

Apatheism kills me.

On a scale as grand as god, why would anyone have apathy? Call me a pragmatist, but I think Pascal was right on this one. God and life are too big of a wager for someone to be apathetic.

With the existence of god, there are no side bets.

I’m not an apatheist, and will likely never be.

Are you? And are you ok with that?